best 24" 1920 x 1200 monitor for gaming less than 400.00

ok I need your help ive narrowed down what I really want

I want a 24 1920 x 1200 monitor, I really want the best resolution I can get so I don't want 1080p.

this will primarily be used for gaming so im assuming ill want something with a good picture that's 6ms or better. I see some of these goo for as low as 250 and some go as high as 450 I do want the best bang for my buck im not sure if ill even notice the difference for 200 more as im not an artist just lookin for gaming.

so bang for the buck, help me please. btw it needs at least a 3yr warranty.

thanks to all who spend there time to help!
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    Among the 1200p community this monitor gets the most praise and is not to bad on the wallet, but has 8ms response time.

    This asus seems to have the snappy response time you are after with 6ms, but will have to drop a few more dollars down for this one.
    HP also makes a 1200p display with 6ms response time, but a bit pricier. Just leaving this here as an alternative to the Asus monitor
    Hope this assists you :)
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