what is a good gaming laptop for skyrim under $750 with an upgradeable gpu and runs an i7 or similar processor

I have been looking for a gaming laptop with upgradeable gpu and am not having much like. if it could also have a decent amount of ghz.
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  1. As far as I'm aware, you can't upgrade GPU's on laptops. Either you have to fork over insane cash for one so you won't have to buy a whole new one sooner than later, or seriously, go with a desktop if you are serious about gaming.
  2. I was mistaken and meant graphics card instead of the gpu. I am in need of portable gaming at this time and am aware of the pro's of desktops vs laptops for gaming. I would like to be able to use a desktop instead but currently I need to travel for the military and a desktop would be too much of a hassle.
  3. Graphics card and GPU is the same thing. GPU - Graphics processing Unit.
    Still, you won't find a laptop with an upgradeable GPU. Just get a laptop with a decent gpu like - GT 750m ddr5, gt 755m, gtx 765m, gtx 770m , gt 780m, hd 8850m, hd 8870m or any of those nvidia gpus in SLI, and you'll be fine. (those are some of the most popular laptop gaming GPUs)
  4. Get the Lenovo Y410P:

    Choose the 2nd model. Great VFM.
  5. You could get an XI3 http://www.xi3.com/store for the piston version it will be upgradeable it can fit in less space then your xbox and then if you have a cheap oled screen it would take about as much room as a laptops but you get all the benefits of a desktop.
  6. GPU = Graphics Card

    Only specific gaming laptop models of at least $1,400 may allow you to upgrade the GPU. Just because a gaming laptop is expensive that does not automatically mean you can upgrade the GPU. I have seen $2,500 gaming laptops that do not allow you to upgrade the GPU.
  7. You may have trouble finding an upgradeable GPU in that price range. The Lenovo Y510p was on sale for ~US$780 right before New Year's and may still be available. As far as I know, this model doesn't allow you to upgrade the main GPU, but instead allows you to add a second GPU in the "Ultrabay". The GPUs available are the NVidia GTX 750 and the 755M, and both get very good benchmarks in SLI configuration.

    Or you could take my approach. About a year ago I bought a workstation laptop for about $450 (Dell Precision M6500) and replaced the weak pro GPU (NVidia Quadro 2700M) with another pro GPU that performed much better in games (ATI FirePro M7740.) Be warned that this takes some skill to upgrade. However, I think the newer models of Precision are easier to upgrade due to Dell's adoption of the MXM card standard.

    The new card runs tweaked Skyrim pretty well (40fps @ 1920x1200), unless I go into "FPS killer" areas like Markarth. I'm looking to upgrade soon myself.
  8. You should check the models of MSI that runs with I5s and GTX 950ms with that price point. If youre asking for an I7 and a better gaming performance than that, then you need a bigger budget around 1000$. If so then check the Asus RoG752 VW, it is priced 999$ exactly on the amazon.
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