extreme gaming at 1440x900. what card ???

how much vram is required for extreme gaming at 1440x900 with all maximum settings.
p.s. don't suggest cards whose price reaches the sky.
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  1. VRAM shouldn't be an issue at any resolution short of 2560x1600 and especially not at 1440x900. A GTX 760 would provide more than enough performance for most games, however you may wish to consider a 770 in case of a future upgrade to 1080p
  2. Honestly? I'm pretty sure pretty much every card on the Market has enough VRAM to reach that right now. With 1080p, you usually don't need more than 1GB, and your resolution is about 62.5% as many pixels, which is to say, only 62.5% as much RAM required. Honestly, you'll probably be able to max out your settings with a GTX 650Ti, or a R9 270, if you prefer AMD.
  3. Hi, A couple of good cards at theat resolution would be either the Nvidia GTX 760 or the AMD R9 270X. The Nvidia card is a little faster and the AMD card is cheaper but neither of them will break the bank. Check out the two in a bench test comparison:

    And at that resolution 2Gbs of vram should be plenty. Here is the line up lowest price to highest.
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