which motherboard would be best while running dual gtx 760's... custom build

Hi, I am thinking of building a gaming rig for quite awhile now and have been doing some research into what I will need, I would like some advice on what mother board I should use for my dual 760's.. if someone even wants to put up a rig with dual 760's in the build .. my budget is 2k-2.5k including monitor. Thanks for your help..

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  1. You would get a lot better performance from a 780 unless you went with tri sli 760's
    If you go with the 780 you wont get al the micro stutter and sli scaling issue with new games.
    hope this helped :)
  2. Depends entirely on what CPU you want. At that budget you should be able to afford an i7 4770k or the regular 4770 if you dont want to overclock. With that I would recommend you get the Asus z87 pro as it has many useful features such as WiFi. The downside of this board with dual GPUs is the limited PCIe bandwidth. This will result in the second GPU running at PCIe x8 resulting only a very slight bottleneck (0 - 2 FPS difference)
  3. so should I just go with the 780? I am qiute new to this and have heard and read that two 760's outdo a 780.. all help is appreciated thanks
  4. zmally said:
    so should I just go with the 780?

    Yep it will make your life easier. No bottlenecks to worry about. No sli issues to worry about. No multi gpu issues to worry abbout. Quicker installation time. Less power load. More space for airflow in case.
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