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I have a Sony Vaio Desktop I was changing from Windows 98 to Windows XP. System crashed have way through due to power outage. When I tried to restart the PC, I got the error message "Error loading operating system" The prepost screen shows all the hardware. When I try to boot off the CD/DVD drives with the Windows disk or any other bootable disk computer does not recognize the disk being there. I have the Biios set to read CD/DVD drives first and then the hard drive. Any suggestions
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  1. That's an old machine. It's possible the outage caused a power surge that hurt something, such as motherboard or DVD drive, even if you can see it in the BIOS. Unplug the machine, pull the backup battery off the motherboard for 30s to reset the CMOS, put battery back in, plug in power, turn it on and go in to the BIOS to reset the boot-order. If that doesn't fix it, then you'll have to use process of elimination to see what isn't working anymore.
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