Only 1 USB 20-1 pin port in mobo, but I need two! What to do?

Hello, I have a Asus X79 Deluxe Motherboard.

It has 8 x USB 3.0/2.0 port(s) (6 at back panel, blue, 2 at mid-board).

I have a chassis with a front panel with two USB 3.0 ports.
I have just bought a 3,5" front panel Thermaltake Extreme Speed 3.0 Plus USB3.0 Multi-Card Reader

The problem is that the mobo has only 1 USB 3.0 20 pin port.

What would be the best solution to this?
How can I plug both front panels?

Does this kind of cable exist?

Or it is better some PCI-E solution like this ?

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