Future proof PSU for SLI

I am making a gaming PC. This is my chosen build:
- FX 6300
- 760 GTX TF OC
- 2x4gb 1600 DDR3 Ballistix Tactical
- Gigabyte 970A-D3
- Corsair 850w Enthusiast Series
- CPU Cooler Arctic Cooling Freezer 7, plus a side 120mm fan
- SanDisk 128GB SSD 2.5
- DVD-RW 224DB Samsung Black Bulk

Is a 850w PSU too much for two 760s in SLI and an FX 8350 in the future or too little? By too much I mean I have a limited budget and the less I spend the better. I want my PSU to last without having to change it.

*I also have an unrelated question: do I need to take into account the maximum wattage load of the CPU/GPU when choosing a PSU or is the watts info given by the makers enough?
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  1. Yes, don't worry, it will be more than enough.
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  3. Yes the psu will be plenty for a while yet. But dont get fooled by the word future proof.
    technology is improving at a rapid date halfway through next year intel and amd will have introduced their new chips and these current sockets will become obsolete.
    intel are wose churning out new sockets every year so people have to keep upgrading their motherboards D: but amd have said the the am3+ socket will stay till 2015. But PSU's tend to last through multiple builds so they are one component you can spend extra on and it will save you money in the future. That is if you get a good one ;)

    Hope this helped :)
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