Constantly high ping spikes when connected through Ethernet?

So i recently acquired my desktop back. Before that I had been using my laptop connected through WiFi to get a connection no problems what so ever. Now that i have my desktop and i have it connected through Ethernet i get CONSTANT (500-2000) ping spikes ever minute or two.

I thought it might have been my internet connection. However, when I had both my desktop and laptop connected to the internet, my desktop (through Ethernet) would get huge ping spikes while my laptop, (connected through WiFi) would be perfectly fine as always.

Back 4 months ago i used to have a bridge connection from my laptop to desktop to get a connection and that worked fine *that was using a different router and different cat 5e cables*

Does anyone know what could be going on? Much help is appreciated. Thanks to all of tom's Hard Ware.
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  1. I'd consider checking out your router-modem manual and doing a clean boot on all internet devices, a.k.a:
    1. Unplug the ethernet cable from your PC then turn it off;
    2. Turn your router off;
    3. Turn your modem off;
    4. Wait 1-2 minutes;
    5. Now turn the modem on, wait for it to be completely up (1-2 minutes)
    6. Do the same with your router
    7. Now turn your PC on and wait for it to be fully loaded
    8. Check if the problem was solved

    If that didn't work, try uninstalling the internet device from device manager

    If that didn't work either try resetting your router-modem to factory settings (check respective manual)

    Unfortunately, if none of this solutions work I'd suggest contacting your ISP; sometimes they will be able to assist you via phone.

    Good luck!
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