How to make ps2 games look better?

I love playing ps2 games, but ever since I've got a new hd tv, it all looks like crap.
On my old ctr tv, it looked just fine, now; all the edges a jagged, all the textures look really stretched. I've tried changing the aspect ratio etc etc. Are there any converters or anything that I could use? My tv has: av ports (red white and yellow), hdmi, scart and some other random yellow port. Can someone help here? :(
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  1. The "beauty" of 480 on a 1080 screen. Looks great doesn't it?
  2. Eugh.... Yeah. Do you know anything about improving it or something... anything... :/?
  3. Its a 480 source. This is what happens when you stretch it to 1080. Maybe something that upscales? Not sure.
  4. I've seen cables which fit a ps2, called component cables, however these come with like 5 outputs, my tv only has 3 inputs for av. These supposedly upscale the video.
  5. Composite vs component. To my knowledge you need something to upscale the signal. The PS2 doesn't do that.
  6. Buy a ypbpr (component) to hdmi converter a good one that upscales using scaling technology and upsampling too. Then buy the component cable for your ps2. I have done this and looks great on my TV. Haven't tried in 1080p though but looks amazing in 720p. My TV is a 22" so only does 720p.
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