how to connect 2 comp for gaming(f-16 MRF) using lan or wlan

can anybody help me how to connect 2 comp using lan or wlan for gaming like f-16 MRF
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  1. Easy !

    There are several ways on how to make a wireless , internet or old lan cable connection between two pc's .


    Wireless works if you have a modem at home . Ask your operators via phone or mail if they can set up a wireless connection for you at home so you can hook up any pc's or laptops to a special single use IP ADRESS ( 192.155.bla bla bla etc. ) . If you have a online website for making a wireless connection for yourself , then all you need to do is log in using your username ( ITS USER OR ADMIN ) and password ( LOCATED UNDER YOUR MODEM ) .


    If you don't have a modem , are very far away or you don't feel like going to talk to your operators you can choose Internet . Usually you will have programs like Hamachi . Hamachi is free and really awesome for some Lan play :) .
    All you need is your Ip adress , and a password ...


    This doesn't really need to be such a big topic . Plug and Play , simple as that!
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