Should I run gaming monitor off GPU and browser monitor off igpu?

What the title said basically, my 7970 gets really hot when gaming with another monitor extended so my girlfriend can watch stuff online.
They are both 1080p monitors, both connected via hdmi.
I read that you can use both the GPU and igpu simultaneously, will this take the strain off my 7970?
Igpu is intel hd4000 I believe.
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  1. Yes that can be done. Connect one monitor to GPU for gaming and the other to MB's VGA/DVI/HDMI port (igpu) for other stuffs.

    But I think the card runs hot is another reason and not for both monitors connected. Check it.
  2. It idles at ~35C with one monitor, ~60C with two.
    Gaming on one (bf4, cod ghosts etc.) is normally 70C-85C, gaming on one monitor with another monitor on desktop or web browsing is at least 90-95C.
    Its a reference cooler so I expect that's the issue. I've tried to find an arctic cooling accelero xtreme but can't find any in the uk.
  3. Reference cooler cards has bad cooling options, try to find some decent thermal paste, and try to apply it on GPU, may bring the temps down. But be very careful, applying thermal paste on GPU is somewhat tricky.

    You can also take a chance by updating the GPU BIOS. These cards can handle 90-95 C temps, still will last for years.
  4. Ill give the thermal paste a try. How would I go about updating the bios? What kind of advantage would it give?
    And I'm less fussed about the effect of the temperatures on the card, more about the effect of the fan on my ears!
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    Best way is to go to GPU's vendor site and look for the latest BIOS update, you will find the release note stating what has changed with latest BIOS, and you will find the info there also on how to do it.
  6. I'll give it a go. Thanks for your time :)
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