Zalman CNPS10X-Optima Shark's Fin Blade vs CM hyper 212 evo

Hi, i'm looking for an inexpensive aftermarket cooler so i can keep my fans on lower rpms and was wondering which one of these was better. Someone said the zalman one was just as good but for a bit cheaper I know the pretty much unanimous verdict is the CM hyper 212 evo but if anyone's had the zalman and the coolermaster I would really appreciate a comparison.

PS: I have a AMD FX 6300

thx in advance :)
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  1. Get the 212 Evo, I got the exact same Zalman for the exact same CPU and it performs fine in some cases but you do have to turn down the fan if you want to have a bearable noise coming from your computer. So I would just suggest getting the Evo.
  2. 2nd that..... get the Cooler Master 212 EVO

    I've got one, Extremely quiet, great cooling, n nice price... (my Noctua seems better finished, but doesn't seem to cool any better and cost Twice the price...)
  3. so I guess nothing beats the evo even if it's just noise
  4. Cooler Master 212 EVO is DEAD Silent.............
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