Would upgrading my CPU give me better performance?

I am running a HD 7770 and an AMD A6-5400k but not in crossfire. On Battlefield 4, I have to turn the settings right down and still I only get 30fps, 40 on campaign. I think that my CPU is holding back the performance of my GPU and therefore I need to upgrade it. Do you think an FX 6300 will improve the performance or be a bottleneck? I have been a YouTube and some people have got their 7770 running on high-ultra settings so it must be a problem with my CPU. What would you suggest?
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  1. Mostly its because of your CPU. Get an FX 8350 if u can or buy FX 6300. It ahould improve gaming experience.
  2. To upgrade your cpu, you will also need a new motherboard (socket AM3+). Just keep this in mind for cost.
  3. Battlefield's multiplayer is also somewhat CPU intensive, so there's that in addition to the bottleneck.
    An FX 6300 should clear you of that bottleneck, but I'd go for an FX 8320 if you have an extra $40 to spend. The 6300 is $120, while the 8320 is $160.

    The 8350 stated above is $200, maybe a bit expensive, since you have to get a new motherboard as well, and the only difference AFAIK is clock speed, which you can do yourself.
  4. Hmm, 30--40FPS on 7770 sounds just about right with that card.... On Low settings.

    What motherboard & powersupply do you have? (looking to see IF you can support CrossFire of two (2) 7770's...)

    I run a single 5770 (with an Intel 4cores/8thread CPU) your matching my FPS so I think a CPU will add very little FPS to your system. I get a substantial improvement in FPS a second in CF 5770's (can play on Medium settings...). I can also run a single 5870 (which is in theory 2x a 5770) same Medium settings, just a touch faster.

    If you go the CPU route you need (about $300):
    - new copy of Win7 / 8 ($99)
    - new CPU
    - new motherboard
  5. No my motherboard doesn't support crossfire but how come benchmarks on YouTube show that the 7770 can get to about 50+fps on ultra?
  6. Computer__GUY said:
    No my motherboard doesn't support crossfire but how come benchmarks on YouTube show that the 7770 can get to about 50+fps on ultra?

    Link? :)
  7. Hmm, the resolution of your display will effect FPS. I'm quoting 1920x1080 & links below are quoting several resolutions as shown, none of which get near 50FPS.... not even on BF3 which is a much lighter load than BF4.


    Check out some like a GTX 770 or AMD R9 280X for those types of FPS....

    Well, for "50 FPS.."
    Let's take that down one step to GTX 760 or AMD R9 270X for "50..."
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