BF4 Crashing During or Between Games

Battlefield 4 crashes when I'm in my second game or loading the new map, my specs are:
i7 930 @ 2.97 it can be over locked to 3.9
GTX 295

Any more info just ask.
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    It is likely not a problem with your machine. BF4 has a slew of problems at the moment and EA is "working" on fixing them...

    The best thing you can do is make sure you keep your graphics drivers up to date.
  2. ^this
  3. I had guessed that, i had checked online and all I can find is people say the game has bugs but those posts were from about a month ago, hopefully it isn't me. Thank you anyway
  4. Yea dude, Im an advid BF4 player and I'm not crashing anymore since moving to Win 8.1. But the in game rubberbanding and lag spikes make the game near impossible to play..So your not the only one with issues, they still have a few they need to fix.
  5. If my answer helped, please select it as the best answer :)

    And I feel your pain, the bugs in BF4 are extremely frustrating.
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