Starcraft 2 some advice needed on buyng the game?

hi I recently decided i want to get a good pc game with good strategy and rpg elements, i am interested in sc2 ( never played any other version). In the past ive played many c&C games and generals was one of my fav games. first question is that i downloaded the free version to try because i heard its the best rts right now so i gave it a try, i really like the story mode and gameplay feels triple aaa with a great amount of polish and attention to detail, only thing putting me off the game is this, the unit buildings seem i dont know, less? or basic? i mean in generals i could get different generals etc in a faction, also the fighting seems basic to, what i mean is generals had alot of exoplosions cool effects and the most important thing that feels missing to me is in generals factins had special abilitties like nukes, and emp cannons which were awesome or the ability to cloak all buidlings (i think gla and in tiberion). also in battle your general gained experience and levelled up which gave you points which could be spent on extra stuff like calling in airstrikes etc Im tempted to buy the full game but want to know is there more to a faction? will more units be unlocked? sorry if this sounds stupid, i havent played a rts for about 7or 8 years now! with a new pc i decided to get back into it.

Last thing i want to ask is if i buy the full game will there be anymore downloading and installing? i mean its already installed 10 gb i think, i assumed it will just unlock it all ?
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  1. There are many more units with more abilities in the full game to unlock including those with invisibility and the ability to nuke. In single player your generals/characters can unlock abilities but no unit gains experience as such. Its a great game in both single and multiplayer. I think you just need a key to unlock the full game but I am not 100% sure.
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    If you want more info on the game, watch some games cast such as some by huskystarcraft, or livestreamed on twitch. The single player has some similarities to online play, but not much. So dont base the purchase on that alone. Sure its fun, but its by no means the whole game.
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