Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0 Not showing both sticks of RAM

Both sticks of RAM work, I'm using 2x4gb 1600 MHz G.Skill RAM that is on the QVL in the Motherboard manual, but only 1 is showing up as active.

I have 4 ports on my motherboard for my RAM, I put them in A2 and B2 as recommended by the manual to try to get it to read the second stick- still nothing.

Is there a special way I need to install my RAM? I highly doubt 2 of the 4 RAM slots aren't working, and both RAM are.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. look at the support page for your mb see if you have the newest bios file on your mb. if not it may be missing updated ram code.
  2. I've got the newest BIOS update, so that's not it.
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    with one ram stick check that all the slots work. you may have a bad stick of ram. run memtest on each stick of ram. in the bios you may have to pump the dram voltage a bit if the ram 1.6v or higher.
  4. I swapped my second stick of RAM from B2 to B1 and it recognizes my full 8 gigs now, thanks.
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