Sound/Dust Proof BitPhenix Prodigy Mod Ideas?

First of all can anyone speak to the quality of the mesh front panel included on the black prodigy? I have worked with the white model before but that have a different style intake.

Assuming that the front panel filter isn't completely effective in blocking dust (which I expect), what have people tried doing? I was thinking of getting the white model and completely blocking all front intake slits, and then adding a 120/140mm filtered intake on the bottom where the HDD cage is. I feel like this could help with both noise and dust. Losing the HDD cage doesn't matter to me I only have 2 SSD's and 1 3.5" drive. I will easily be able to figure out an alternative solution for them. I already need to do some cutting to allow for my longer than supported PSU, why not go crazy. I would also add a filter to the GPU intake on the side panel.

DEMCiflex magnetic filters? anybody tried these?

Bitphenix Prodigy
i7-4770K + Noctua NH-D14
Asus Maximus VI Impact
16gb Crucial Ballistix Tactical LP
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  1. I can tell you that there is no 100% dust proof setup out there. I have had luck by keeping my system raised higher up so I get very little dust compared to the majority of people who have it closer to the floor.

    I don't personally have the BitFenix Prodigy but I have a few friends who have loved it for the mod-ability and that its small but can fit a lot more than most.

    I would say adding filters helps but I would review the choices and make sure they don't block too much air flow as it is important to have a good mix of both for the best performance.
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