Can I hook up to my Tv with a addapter HDMI/AV cable? When I press FN-F5 the only option it shows is Laptop only. Is their a

Older folks need help with even simple questions. I like my Toshiba L655 but don't know how to do simple or any adjustments to do more. I would like to use my Craft pad and art software but the screen on the laptop isn't big enough for me to see well. There is a port on the lap top for a AVI cable. I purchased the adapter cable, AVI/HDML so that I could use my 32 inch LCD tv as a monitor. When I pushed FN-F5 on the key board their was no option for a external monitor. The only thing it shows is "laptop". Is there a way or something else to help me use my tv as a monitor?
Thank you. Bad eyes Mike.
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  1. what is the model of your tv? You should be able to see the output that you're laptop is gving (after hitting FN+F5) and selecting the port is being displayed in, in this this case HMDI 1 or HMD2 (should know what port you have it in once you provide the TV model number)
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