intel pentium vs intel dual core

so can i ask u something what is better intel dual core or intel pentium. I am a gamer which is better for me??
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  1. More cores is better for some games, for example BF4 will use all cores. Many go with cheaper AMD multicore CPUs to save $$, but for many newer games the bottom line is more cores are better.
  2. To play today's games you Really want a quad core........

    One core will be nearly useless on games. A dual core will run, but will slow you down on most games. Three cores would be good, but, no one makes one any more :) So, you'll need to get 4 cores.... (hypertheading on Intel doesn't help much so that's no required)
  3. which model? Intel still use the Pentium brand but the dual core brand is EOL.
  4. actually the match is a pc with 4gb ddr3 memory intel pentium g2020 ,hdd 500gb and grapichs card intel hd or something like that VS 2gb memory,hdd 500 gb also intel hd graphics card, dual core t4400 and a small mistake that i made both are pentium and dual core xD
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  6. thank u all for your help
  7. what resolution? if you going to use the integrated gpu, an AMD processor might be better.
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