I need to find out how much SATA slots are inside my PC (NOT MOTHERBOARD) how do i find this out?

I already know my MB has 6 SATA ports, but i need to find out how much SATA HDD slots there are for me to be able to add a 2TB SATA Hard Drive

But if i don't ave a free slot, what's the point in me buying one?

Can someone help me plsss

MB information: M5A97 LER2.0

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  1. open the computer case, then start counting.
  2. SATA only relates to your motherboard, as in that is the only device that your HDD would interface with through SATA (your motherboard can also access optical drives with these).

    The only thing I can think of is whether you can physically fit another drive within your computer? My guess is that you are looking at a 3.5" drive, in which case, as mentioned above, the best thing to do is open your computer and see how many slots are available to you. You should also make sure you have a power cable that is available for where you are going to place the drive.
  3. If you dont know which case you have then , as suggested, open it and start looking. Desktop sata drives are 3.5 inches wide and adapters can be bought to fit a desktiop drive into a 5.25" drive bay (the ones used by your optical drives)

    SSD's typically come in laptop size which is 2.5". Some cases have mounting points for 2.5" drives while others would need an adpter to fit one into an existing 3.5" or 5.25" bay. They are also small enough to fit almost anywhere and some people just set them or tape them onto the inside bottom of the case.
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