Upgrading PC -SSD or CPU, Motherboard and RAM

I have an HP P6230Y and I finally gave in and bought a Radeon R9 270X and a SeaSonic 620 PSU mostly for gaming. The first problem was the card did not fit in the case so I had to buy a new one. I did some some performance tests and found my processor is bottlenecking the GPU a little. The processor is a AMD Phenom II X4 810. The case I got is good for cooling and I was planing on buying a better CPU cooler so I thought I could learn how to overclock and get my CPU from 2.6Ghz to 3.0Ghz. The next problem I ran into was overclocking is not available with my Motherboard. The computer runs very well and I'm getting good FPS in games now but I would still like a little more performance so my question is, should I spend $90 on 120Gb SSD (Startup is very slow, starting applications is not too bad) and wait a couple of years to upgrade everything else or save the money and save up for a CPU, motherboard and RAM and purchase those parts in the next couple of months. I would be willing to spend 300 at most.

At that point the computer would be a new build so I've invested

$150 for Graphics Card (Price was 210 but came with Battlefield 4 so I count it as 150 for card)
$80 for good quality PSU
$90 for Corsair 500r White Case

That's only $320 for a very decent gaming machine.

My questions are
1) The computer is running most games above 30 FPS on Max Settings
so is it worth upgrading either one or leave it how it is? I don't buy many new games right when they come out.
2) If you think I should upgrade the CPU etc, what parts would you recommend?
3) Also, would I have to buy a new copy of Windows if I upgrade the motherboard?

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  1. 1. That's up to you. I can't stand less than 60 FPS at max/almost max settings, but if you're fine with what you're getting, then more power to you.

    2. Up to you.

    3. Probably.
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