MS Office 2007 Reset ? ? ?

Is there any way I can reset my Office 2007 back to "factory"? What I did was had installed 2010 for college class and I HATED IT plus I used the trial 60 day.

I don't use my Office a lot, but once I returned to 2007 something is not right to the way I use to have it all set up. Basically out the box set-up.

I'm talking some strange font looks now as well as their function. If I open a new blank doc that seems normal, but if I paste in to it things go to ____!

Maybe it's not my Office, but if I try to paste off YouTube discussions like I use to do it pastes white text, on all caps. And I never noticed it until after I removed the 2010. I don't do it all the time so that is all a guess ... and I'd really like to just know if I can reset Office 2007 back to factory and make sure.

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  1. If you don't have the Microsoft Office 2007 CD:

    1. Just restore the system to a date previous to the 2010 installation. Say for example that you installed 2010 70 days ago... look for a restore point near that date and use it to restore your system.

    2. Another option, Start \ Run \ type regedit and press Enter \ HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Office... Right click on Office > select export > save the backup file >... Repeat in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office... Back in the registry: Select Office and delete it (in both HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and HKEY_CURRENT_USER)... and restart the computer... the Office registry key will be created new and free of corruption or 2010 data contamination.

    If you do have the Microsoft Office 2007 CD:

    3. Start a reinstall of Office 2007, the installer should have a repair option.

    4. One other option; Uninstall Office 2007, restart the computer and install it again. Use Revo Uninstaller so it cleans the Registry after uninstalling Microsoft Office 2007 so you can re-install it clean.
  2. Revo Uninstaller ... What exactly does it do different than Windows uninstall? How safe is it? I'll try as I do have the install files but on a Flash.
  3. Revo uninstaller is perfectly safe, I have used for years without a single problem. It deletes leftover registry data and files from the removed program. First of all it creates a Restore point, and after it removes the program it gives you the option to delete the registry data and remaining files. So you can or not use that option, but since you want to remove corrupted registry information from a previous Microsoft Office installation and start with a clean slate, you need to use it. The option to remove registry data gives you the path to the data to be removed only in bolded letters so make sure you do exactly that and no problem should arise.

    A second option is to download a Microsoft Office removal tool that should do the same but I'm not sure of how effective it is. If you wan't to try that option just type that on a search engine. There are also third party tools that do the same, and there is also a Windows Installer Cleanup Utility that should also be worth trying.

    Click on the link for some links and ideas for different options.
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