New Computer without OS, what happen if I buy and download windows 7?

I plan to buy a new computer without OS, if I buy and download my Windows 7 from internet, does it stay in my motherboard after? Also, if my system fail and I need to clean my computer to factory settings, do i need to buy an other Windows 7, or my Windows 7 I bought from internet will still be on my motherboard?

This will be my first build PC, i don't want to do any mistakes that will lead me to pay more after. Thanks for your answers! :)
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  1. If you are able to track down a legitimate location to purchase OEM Windows 7, you will get a product key and should be able to create a recovery disk, which you would need to do so you could re-install the product if necessary. The OS will never be on your motherboard, it will be on your hard drive.

    I don't believe Windows will sell Windows 7, it should just be Windows 8. There may also be a way by asking on other websites to get a version of Windows 7 for free, but best to look around a little bit deeper for that option, perhaps in bays of pirates.
  2. The downloaded installation file stays on your hard disk or DVD, is you burn one from it. Most important though is, that you write down the Windows 7 Product Key. That's you license and you need it every time you install the os. At least for win7, nothing stays on the motherboard.
  3. Do you have any idea about how i could get Windows 7 on a disk or USB to put it right on my new pc without OS when i receive it ? I would like to download it on a CD or USB from an other computer, is this posssible? and where can i get a product key for free?
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    Dear when you buy and download Windows 7 setup including license (keep it safe with you), the setup downloads on hard disk or any storage media not on mobo. It is highly recommended that after completing the installation of Windows 7, you should apply all available updates (some are optional), install softwares you want and then make image of your C drive, Windows 7 also provides the back up solution, though it is not at par with third party image tools but it will suffice the need of basic user. Ensure that backup is made on external storage.

    Every time you have to refresh your system due to any reason simply restore the backup from the image you made. All your settings and applications will be restored to their original status.

    This is the safest and quickest way to do it.

    Happy hunting.
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