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I had portable HD for my tv which wouldn't work. I was told Sharp ramped back power to the usb ports due to boards getting burned up. So I purchased an AC adapter desktop HD bc thats what Sharp told me I must do. Naturally I get a nice size for the money, a 3TB WD My Book. And now I'm being told by sharp that the TV can only handle up to a 2TB drive. Is there any legitimacy to this or am I getting the run around. I've never heard of a drive being too big to be read. THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!
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  1. What drive format can the Sharp accept? FAT32? If so...that is limited to 2TB volume size.
  2. No your not getting the run around.
    Most likely when it was designed or made a 2tb was the max storage size you could get.
    So it will be why they told you that, putting anything else larger in it like a 3tb will only result in the tv seeing it as a 2tb
    Since it cannot address, or map the extra storage place to read and write data to.

    It may let you partition the drive into two 1.5 Tb sizes and read them both though.
    You would have to do this on your pc of course.
  3. The drive is NTSF now which is what flash drives are formatted in that work. the guy said i could try to convert to fat 32 but then i definitely wont be able to return the drive if I decide to.
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    This is true, because when you buy a standard hard drive to put in your system it has to be formatted.
    Where as when you buy a portable drive, it is pre formatted to Ntfs by the likes of WD.

    So if you format the drive to another file mapping format, and it goes wrong it`s why they say you cannot return it.

    However depending on how they have formatted it, they may not of partitioned the drive.
    It does not stop you from using windows to create, two partitions of the 3tb drive leaving it in
    Ntfs format.

    What were concerned about here is the ability of the tv only being limited to reading a 2tb in size drive.
    But if you partition a 3tb drive into two drives it should give you the option of C: drive at about 1.5tb and a D: drive also of 1.5tb.

    It should treat it much like two drives with one hard drive. Partition C: and D: like windows does each with 1.5Tb storage.
    And the tv should read Ntfs file structure. But check of course.
  5. " I've never heard of a drive being too big to be read."

    Limitations on drive sizes have existed almost as long as hard drives have. There are various possible reasons why the Sharp TV cannot handle this drive; much depends upon which OS it is running. If the TV says the drive is too big why disbelieve it; it knows better than you do.

    Put it down to experience and check exactly which drives are compatible with your TV. They can be very fussy about these things.
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