Building my first Gaming PC; could use some feedback on the build - 1500$

So I'm getting my very first windows computer and I'm planning on building it myself. I have researched a lot in the past couple of months and all the hardware I've decided is entirely based on reviews and opinions. I am curios when it comes to a couple of things.

This is what I have put together: paired with these RAM sticks:

I'm unsure whether i should get a GTX 780 or a 290 from AMD. The 290 is a bit cheaper where I live, but the 780 comes with the custom cooler from ASUS which i've come to like quite a lot.

I would love some feedback on my build!
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  1. Looks pretty good to me. If your building a high performance rig like this, I would add a SSD too.
  2. for the ram use the aires or newer line from gskills. also you may want to hold off on the gpu as the newer nvidia gpu line is dropping in feb.
  3. Very good build I have to say. Nothing to disagree on. Just maybe concerned about.

    All I saw is that you might want a higher wattage PSU. But it should safely power the machine.

    Go with the 780. Or maybe a Radeon HD 7990 (Doesn't run as hot as the 290). And Asus doesn't seem to be a great GPU brand. MSI and EVGA are the best for Nvidia cards. Especially MSI's twin frozr cooler. It keeps the card very cool.

    But yeah, the system could run any game, and do video editing and stuff like that.
  4. the 290 will soon be available with the direct cu2 for sure. If you cant wait, get the 780, its a great card. Other than the cooler, it comes down purely to preference: nvidia has the better software (surround, geforce experience, shadow play,...) and also stuff like gsync, while amd has mantle coming up which should make the 290 blow the 780 out of the water until nvidia will implement mantle for their gpus ( it might take a while but they will either adopt mantle, which is open, or boost performance in some other way to stay competitive).
  5. It's a little bit more, but you might want to consider the Asus Maximus VI Hero motherboard, it's part of their ROG line, high quality with lots of features if you are a gamer. And I agree with BigBlueHouse, you should try and swing getting at least a 120 GB SSD (up to a 256 GB SSD if you can afford it) to use as your system boot drive to hold the OS and your important games/programs that you would like to boot quickly. Use the HDD you have listed for holding games/programs that aren't as important to you, and for data storage.
  6. I agree mantle is going to help alot, but idk if its going to be able to completely crush the 780.
    And the 290 runs at like 95 degrees celsius. And that's going to heat the case up a bit.

    And Munchen, I almost forgot, that I didn't see any case fans for your computer, and case fans are very useful for cooler the computer down. A Cooler Master Sickleflow 120mm fan is a very good fan for the price ($8 USD).
  7. If you cannot get a 290 with custom vender cooling then I would get a 780. That memory is very good, I think the Ripjaw and Aries series are using the same Samsung chips, only the metal profile is different.
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