Best CPU cooler for mostly 24/7 use.

I'm looking for a cpu cooler, that a) is quiet and b) is great for mostly 24/7 use. There will be a lot of idle time but also some gaming time/movie time. It will be cooling an i5-4670k or i7-4770k

My biggest concerns are AIO liquid cooling vs large air coolers. Also this is going to be a 4 year build.

Thanks in advance
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    I do not much like all in one liquid coolers when a good air cooler can do the job.
    A liquid cooler will be expensive, noisy, less reliable, and will not cool any better
    in a well ventilated case.
    Liquid cooling is really air cooling, it just puts the heat exchange in a different place.
    The orientation of the radiator will cause a problem.
    If you orient it to take in cool air from the outside, you will cool the cpu better, but the hot air then circulates inside the case heating up the graphics card and motherboard.
    If you orient it to exhaust(which I think is better) , then your cpu cooling will be less effective because it uses pre heated case air.
    And... I have read too many tales of woe when a liquid cooler leaks.
    google "H100 leak"

    I would look at a noctua or phanteks air cooler with a quiet 140mm fan.
  2. Noctua NH-U12P SE2 heatsink and two fans
    Exceptionally quiet, smaller and lighter than the D14.
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