Windows loading an Unsupported resolution, Reinstalling Video drivers did not work !!! Help!!!

Hello, I would like to thank anyone for the help in advance, that being said, Yesterday my wife Started up a game called Starwars the old republic for the first time, it went into full screen, and then said not supported, assuming that the game set my Video cards Resolution to something not supported on my monitor, ok no big deal i thought, well i alt tabbed to get her out of full screen, but to no avail, it still said not supported, i go ahead and restart the system.... nothing at all, i then start googling on my rig and find nothing but bullshit, so i then do what seems like the next logical solution, i restart the computer and put in in safe mode(yes oddly enough i can start up the bios and everything, its after i get past the "starting windows" screen that it goes out of signal), uninstall the Graphics drivers, restart the computer, and presto blamo the resolution is reset, now heres were it gets awry, i re-install the latest drivers of the Graphics card, and once again, to no avail, it gets to "starting windows", i hold my breath, only to have my face turn red with frustration and confusion, ive re-installed the drivers several times now, trying the latest beta driver and current driver. if anyone could be so kind as to tell me some kind of way i could reset the Default resolution to my monitors native resolution, that would be amazing, ive spent the past 2 nights after work trying to figure this thing out, and im just quite stumped at this point.

gtx 650 Super-clocked
amd fx6300
1tb hdd
8gb ram
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    Have you tried starting Windows in VGA mode instead of Safe Mode? If you can get it to work in VGA mode, then you should be able to set a supported resolution and it should stay on restart.

    You are still able to view the BIOS because the graphics drivers are not loaded until the "Starting Windows" screen.

  2. Thanks for the reply Casey, oddly enough the motherboard does not have a VGA mode, but i ended up resolving this by a system restore, luckily the pc is only 6 days into being put together so nothing important was lost during the restore, just the games eheh, which can be quite tedious to re download all of them again for the second time, especially when you Mod skyrim out eheh, thanks for your time and effort, im sure that if my mobo did have the vga option, your answer wouldve been the actual solution, so thats why i will go ahead and give you the credit.
  3. Its Windows that should have safe VGA, not the motherboard
  4. Yeah, I should have been a bit clearer on that. I was talking about VGA Mode for Windows, found on the same menu that allowed you to boot in Safe Mode.

    Sorry for the confusion, but I'm glad to hear the problem is fixed.

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