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Im building a new pc and its giving me problems but firstly i have two wd raptor 500gbs 6.0s temporarily sitting in another pc to see if they were the problem since my new build is reporting a sata problem. Now they are sitting in a gigabyte 790x-ud4p which i know is a 3.0 board but i just needed to test them, so i installed them and it recognizes them in the bios but when i go to format them they both give me only 20gbs of storage can anyone help me on that?
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  1. In the bios the velociraptor needs to be set up as AHCI, and then in windows control panel - administrator tools - computer management - storage manager
    The drive needs to initialized, then any partitions deleted / created, and a quick format done.
    Although the windows install process will take care of all that on a new install , except for the bios part.
  2. That doesn't work it just tells me that a hardware change has been made and it keeps rebooting itself saying that, might as well note its sitting in an already running pc with W7 64b installed and I've triple checked all the cables as well
  3. There could be something wrong with the drive, it does happen, although rarely.
    Call the Western Digital support line. They will help diagnose what may be the problem and start the process of RMA if it is required.
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