SSD Page File Question for XPS 17 6GB Ram

Recently installed a 1TB Samsung 840 Evo and I used the presets for Maximum Reliability. It set the page file to 200mb and before considering this I noticed that before I installed the SSD I could do a lot of things with the 6gb I had. Now for some reason more memory is being used and i'm getting low memory errors.

I went back to the one setting for page file and allowed windows to auto do it and now everything is back to normal?

Why is the machine using more memory when it's set to 200mb or now that I have an SSD and is it ok to have windows 7 set that automatically now? Everything else is optimized for SSD's through magician and it is the only drive in the laptop.
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  1. using Windows...? XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1.....?

    Mostly, if 7 - 8.1, just let Windows deal with it, unless you have both an SSD and a secondary drive, then force the Pagefile to the secondary.
  2. I said in the post Windows 7.
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