Faster Clocks after new memory installed?

I installed a PNY 8GB stick to go with my 2 GSKill 8GB sticks. They were all 9-9-9-24 1600MHz 1.5 V. They seem to be working good, really smooth as a mater of fact, but I checked the latency and they are showing 7-7-7-20? Should I worry? I have an I7-920 Bloomfield not overclocked with a 660 Ti. Is this jump in performance normal or could it be a bad sign or dangerous?
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    What are you looking at? Is it CPU-Z in the SPD tab - if so want to look at the Memory tab to see what they are at - also need to know the actual model #s of the DRAM, sounds like the mobo may have kicked the sticks down to the mobo default possibly
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