vengeance 8 gb ram with I5 core. says compatible but not working.

Ive been working on this all day. bout time to ask the experts here.

im running my rig at this moment, perfect no problems.

I have a P8P67 pro rev 3.1 board.

running Corsair 2 (4 gb sticks) ram (cmzz4gx3m1a1600c9b)

with my g840 2.80 ghz 3 mb cache lga1155 65w (bx80623g840)

The above works great. (BUT <-- big but thats angering me.)

When I put the Brand new i5-3570k 3.40 ghz 6 mb cache lga 1155 77w. (bx806371535700k)

in my computer the memok light kicks on solid......

oh ok simple fix push the button so it blinks a zillion times. nothing
reset cmos. nothing.
remove one stick of ram and run only 4 gigs in A2 dimm slot. nothing.

Im currently running both sticks in A2 and B2.

Obviously all i want to do is run my i5 so if i need to buy new ram so be it, what do i buy.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Do you have the latest BIOS for the mobo? Will at a minimum need the BIOS that updated the mobo to the code for the IB 3570K CPUs, if already have latest BIOS, try resetting the CMOS the Boot
  2. I know this sounds dumb and what not. but how can i tell what version i have and whats the latest update. because i havent done anything with my bios.
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    May need the older CPU, but try and Boot into BIOS should show version number on main page, can find BIOS versions here:
  4. Hey thanks man. this might be what i was looking for all along haha. I'll post resualts in a few hours.
  5. Will be in an out for a couple more hours or so - else tomorrow
  6. Thank you very much buddly. exactly what the problem was. new member for life! lol.
  7. Will be looking to see you out here every day ;) C U around

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