CS:GO - Crashing.

i've tried searching and can't find the solution.

This is the main issue i'm experiencing ; The game grinds to a halt when waiting in a lobby whilst chatting, dropping to approx 14fps and then i hear a repetitive sound clicking through the speakers like the game is bottle necking / PC grinding to a halt then crashes (no mouse movement) so i need to CTRL+ALT+DEL then end task which causes steam to close completely too.

it also often crahes when someone uses thier microphone.

i've verify the cache integrity through steam and sometimes it downloads directx and re-installs but then the above issues occur randomly.(see below image)

i've ran dxdiag.exe and there are no problems with the drivers.

i've re-downloaded the game after deleting it and i'm still getting this issue...

i'm perplexed as its the only game that doesnt work which i love playing!
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  1. i found the problem to be the Killer e2200 on-board network card.

    i used a wifi dongle and this resolved the problem immediately.

    So, anyone know how to configure the on-board network card drivers/software correctly to resolve this issue?
  2. I'm having the exact same issue and I don't know how to fix this, I've done pretty much everything and you're the first person I came across that is having the same problem :(
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