How many watts is my power supply?

Hi, My mom won't let me open my computer to see what the wattage is on the power supply. This is the GFX card Im upgrading to. The computer has not been upgraded yet. It is a discontinued Dell Inspirion 545. Can anyone help?
Edit: If I need to what power supply I buy?
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  1. looks like around 300w and i believe the card calls for 350w.i would put a little more psu (400-500w) if i was you. but if your mom wont let you open up the computer to see what psu you have,how are you going to install the new graphics card?lol
  2. The most common PSU in that family is 300w. And yes you will need a new power supply. I would go to a 400, for that card.

    Also I wouldn't recommend buying that card in general, especially from dell. For the same exact card, you can get it for $34.99 at newegg.
  3. CLOSED I went to my computer store and im getting my pc cleaned up and installing a new gfx card.
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