Nvidia 780 ti or Titan for Multi-Monitor setup?

Well, as the title suggest...
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  1. Depends on the resolution of the monitors. If you're going to using 1080 monitors, stick to 780Ti. If you're going for 1440 or 1600 monitors, you'll probably find use for the extra 3GB of RAM. Not many games can use that much memory without lots of texture mods and high levels of AA, but if you happen to play Battlefield 4, that's one game that can use up over 4GB at extremely high resolutions.
  2. How many monitors?

    780ti comes with 3GB of vram. BF4 on ultra setting at triple 1080p uses 3.2GB. It will still run it but it's right at it's limit. Future games on the other hand may be an issue. That's actually the reason I haven't bought one yet. If it's two monitors, the 780ti is the best out there right now.
  3. ESA1178 said:
    I have the TH2G DE with a Titan Black & 3 monitors. Works well!
    However, when trying to add a 2nd TH2G DE and 3 more monitors, it doesn't work.
    In fact the compatibility tool says that the system is incompatible.
    Which I find astounding since both TH2G DE's are the same models and the same firmware.

    My specs:

    2 X TH2G DE with same firmware.

    Windows 7 X64

    i5-4670K CPU

    8.00 GB RAM

    Nvidia Geforce GTX Titan Black 1 GB


    You do realise this thread is from December 31st 2013, right? It's almost 14 months old.
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