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Alright so I recently threw together a new build and have been loving it. I've got the 212 Plus set up in a push/pull config and it has been doing an excellent job. While cleaning up some wiring in my case this evening a question popped up;

I have a Gigabyte 990FXaUD3 mobo which has one CPU FAN slot and I believe at least four other SYS FAN slots. I currently have the "pull" fan plugged into the CPUFAN slot and the "push" is in SYSFAN1. Is this the ideal setup here?

I'm currently operating under the assumption that the CPUFAN with always be prompted to rotate quicker by the CPU thereby pulling the hot air of the heatsink quicker than the SYSFAN1 (pull) can get the fresh air in there.

I was thinking it might be beneficial to have both fans moving at the same speed, so possibly invest in one of these to run of the CPUFAN slot?

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    Nice chart. Not what he asked.

    I am assuming that you modded the 212 plus with a second fan. The CM's fans that come in dual config use a neat connector that put both fan three pins in parallel so you can plug both of them into the CPU fan port. That is the best way to do it. Otherwise your MB could assign different fan speeds to both of the fans, which would make a very loud noise and could damage your cooler. Here is a link to get one like it:

    Or if you want you can solder one up in about fifteen minutes.
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