Asus VN247H-P a good gaming monitor?

hey all,

I'm looking at purchasing this monitor for my new gaming desktop.

also I believe it is a 60Hz refresh rate? because I may throw in a few more dollars if it is worth getting this monitor, Asus VG248QE

any thoughts or suggestions?
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    The VN247H-P is an exceptional monitor for casual & competitive gaming. It has an optimum size for viewing in FPS games, 1080p, 1ms response time, affordable, and ASUS has great support/warranty.

    However, the VG248QE does have 144Hz which will result in more fluid motion, but 50/50 chance that will effect your result in better scores in games. Only way to determine this is to try one in real life because someone can tell you one thing, but that will just be their opinion.
    I have both a Yamakasi Q270 60Hz and a Samsung S23A750D 120Hz monitor and can say I actually tend to get more kills on my 60Hz monitor for some reason. Everyone is different though and hope this helps. :)

    Suggestion: Buy the VN247H-P and use the extra money on PC parts.
  2. ok perfect, i figured it would be a great monitor as I will be playing BF4 on it mostly, I was just worried the 60Hz wouldnt give great performance.
    I am actually going to play some games on an Asus VG248QE today so ill see if I like it better than the VN247H-P.

    Thank you for your advice! I believe i might end up saving the extra 100$ and put it towards my GPU.
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