installing windows 7 for the first time, trying to get a raid 0 configuration with the MSI 990FXA-GD80v2

When I try to install windows with sata mode set to raid windows asks for drivers for the cd drive to install.

When I try to install windows with sata mode set to ide windows says it cant create or find a partition on the one drive that does show up.
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    the first one was the way to go, you will need the RAID drivers of your motherboard, you can download them from the mobo's website.

    After that, you can use the program "RT Seven Lite" to add those RAID drivers to your Windows installation CD (this guide should be easy to follow:
  2. I think installing the iso onto a USB, for me, fixed the "missing drivers" problem. And it had to be in a USB 2.0 port didn't work in a 3.0 port.
  3. a USB thumb drive, google installing windows ISO to thumb drive
  4. I tried installing from a USB and the system asks for a proper boot device or to insert boot media in selected boot device. As if there is nothing to boot from. I followed these instructions for creating the usb boot media,
    Shouldn't there be a way to use the CD/DVD drive while in raid mode?
  5. You need to make the partition active on the thumb drive to be able to boot from it... you can do this from an Elevated Command Prompt (Administrator mode) using Diskpart.

    Open the Command Prompt by right clicking and selecting Run as Admin then type the following commands (make sure there is no info on the USB stick you want to keep)

    list disk
    select disk # (replace # with the number of the thumb drive in the list)
    create partition primary
    select partition 1
    format fs=ntfs quick

    after that, you can copy the contents of the ISO file to the drive and it will be a bootable windows installation media
  6. If he made the thumb drive ISO using a tutorial it should be read as a bootable media, he just needs to change the boot priority order for USB first. Assuming the motherboard supports this. most new one do
  7. Do u know how to access your BIOS?
  8. You didnt just drag the ISO onto the stick did u? U had to use some ISO burning software to do it properly
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