computer keeps freezing I need help!!

I hope I'm posting this in the right location. Its driving me crazy Every time im using my computer it will freezy and I have to hard shutoff. Usually when I'm browsing online it will work fine but the moment I step away to the kitchen or go out for smoke by the time I come back its frozen. I have tried everything I can think of, I tried new PSU, cpu, I also took out my hard drive and used my sons hard drive from a desktop I just built for him and I let it run for 20min and it did not freeze do you think the hard drive could be the problem? I also did a clean install of windows 8 deleting all my files and the problem still occurs. I built this desktop around 9 months ago and this just started last month.
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  1. try uninstalling one ram and see how things will go
  2. Sorry forgot to mention that I tried one ram at a time and still the same problem
  3. if u didn't play with the bios settings that left us with the mobo then that causing the problem ,get aftermarket one
  4. T21 I'm sorry I didn't u derstand your answer
  5. you recently stated that you tried processor and power supply and also ram and hdd if all works , then that left us with the motherboard
    I just mean if you didn't change bios settings and that the bios is set @ default settings then the problem Is from the motherboard , if it covered by warranty then send it for replacement
  6. Oh I see....but I also tried my sons hard drive on it and it didnt for the 15-20 minutes I left running. Would a bad hard drive cause the problems I'm having?
  7. OHH I thought you tried your hdd on your son's system , sorry my bad , well is these case yes the hdd could have the problem , did you test your hard drive? if you are using windows 7 open start and then type cmd (command prompt ) run as admin and then type chkdsk c: /f /r /x (where c is your drive letter that you want it to be checked ) sometimes it would say that it can't be checked while system is running and asks that if you want the drive to be check the next time windows starts so you would type Y and restart system and it would start checking the drive before login to windows there is another way to check the drive just right click on the drive > properties > tools > check errors and also if its westerndigital , there is programme called data lifeguard diagnostic for Windows , but I would back my important stuff before using manufacture software because if there was a problem with the hdd it could destroy all the data
  8. Awesome I'll try that tomorrow. I did a clean install of windows 8 deleted all my files and that still didn't help. BTW my hard drive is a Samsung ssd 840 series
  9. that's an ssd and Samsung has software called Samsung Magician Software on their site (scroll down the page)
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