Windows won't boot POST problems help

So, I was on the web and my computer just shut off- no BSOD or anything. I booted it, and it got to BIOS, went to a post-BIOS wrote two lines, the second was it trying to verify the DRAM and then shut off, rebooted, went into BIOS and shut off. I tried booting again to get into BIOS settings and pressed delete, but the computer shut off after BIOS. I removed all but 1 stick of RAM and it got to windows boot then shut off. I booted again and got to BIOS and shut off. I tried clearing CMOS and I only get to BIOS.
I recently upgraded and my new GPU- Asus GeForce GTX 670 and it emits very bad coil whine but runs smoothly. I also upgraded to 24 gigs of G-Skill Ares Ddr3 though windows only processes 16- plan to upgrade to win8. (64 bit)
My MOBO is Gigabyte Ga--x58a-ud5
With intel i7 LGA 1366 quad core. Power supply OCZ600sxs 600 watts
Please help, I plan to troubleshoot with my father tomorrow morning but I don't have long. Tom's members, please do your amazing troubleshooty thing.
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  1. Update- I can now get into BIOS settings and such, but the computer will just randomly power off while I try to set up my BIOS load order.
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