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I've gotten a lot of help around these forums, and I greatly appreciate everyones help with building this. The only thing I'm worried about is the RAM compatibility w/ my cpu cooler. If anyone would switch anything out with another part, then please do tell! This will be my last post before I go buy everything. I will be gaming and lots of video editing. If anyone could give me some reassurance on the RAM though? (Compatibility wise)
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  1. I hope that is a low profile RAM, the Noctua NH-D14 is known to be big and have fitting issue with RAM. Also, I highly recommend grabbing a 250GB SSD. 120GB fills up super quick and it's a pain. Your OS will literally fill that up 60% and constantly grow when it updates.
  2. Also the ram is low profile so don't worry about that. It doesn't have the over sized heat sinks on it
  3. Abscent said:
    Also the ram is low profile so don't worry about that. It doesn't have the over sized heat sinks on it

    OP stated he/she will be gaming and also doing video editing.
  4. Haha yea I read that after, on too little of sleep and missing detail. Just looking over everything right now. ALso if you like a white tower your Phantom 410 case is on sale for $69.99 on tigerdirect right now.
  5. Thanks guys. Yeah I'll most likely get a 250g ssd. This RAM thing has been bothering me more then it probably should.
  6. Also here is a gtx 780 for $469.99 on it's one of those see in cart prices specials:

    But I am curious why are you not going with an H100i instead?
  7. Build looks good, +1 to the 256 ssd.. the Noctua's a great cooler but i think it just nicked the top of a Kingston Hyper-X in the Hexus test unit.. buttt you could just shift the Sticks to a different slot? also I'm not too familiar with the mobo but my experience is that anything Asus with a fancy name like maximus is Over-Priced. Solid board that should last you years with good OC and SLI ability... but then i could be wrong.. maybe one of the great Mobo denizens will help me out.
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    Looks great. Your ram is compatible with the Noctua NH-D14.
    I would recommend this psu:
    It's the cheaper and it has an extra 100w.

    You can also save money on the motherboard and gpu to make room for a 250gb SSD.
    You can go for this motherboard:
    It's $65 cheaper and it should perform around the same.
    Then if you go with the GPU abscent posted above, you should save enough money to upgrade the SSD.
  9. This is my very first computer build, and everyone I know in person said get the noctua. Just whatever cools better and not too much of a hassle to handle in the long run.

    You guys are the best. Thank you so much. If only I could pick more then one "solution"
  10. I agree with Realchaos on this build, there are many components that can be changed to save you money, for example you can get the same power supply but only semi modular and save $40 just on that part alone. Anyways let us know if you want us to tinker with the build more.
  11. ^^ +1 or you could dedicate the funds to a new GTX 780 in a couple of years to make use of that extra x16 slot. Bear in mind the "in a couple of years bit" still this build should serve you well!
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