Will a Phanteks Cooler fit in a Prodigy M

Will a Phanteks
PH-TC14PE CPU cooler fit in a Prodigy M Micro ATX Case? I can't find specs on the BitFenix site. Thanks.
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  1. I seriously doubt it.
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    It's quite possible that it would, dependant on your setup. With the HDD/SSD bracket in place, you are limited to around 160mm, depending on how thick your HDD is. I haven't seen a detailed review of the clearances, but as I understand it, if you remove the bracket, you'll gain loads of height, more than enough to accommodate the 171mm+ you need.

    There are two issues with this -
    1. You remove a lot of the locations for storage
    2. Putting a massive CPU cooler in a case with pretty poor airflow probably is a bit counter productive. If you want to do a relatively mild overclock, there are probably better value cooler options in both AIOs and shorter air coolers, and if you want to push your CPU as hard as you can, then you probably want a case with better airflow. I'd seriously consider a standard ITX Prodigy (if that is suitable), an Aerocool Dead Silence (if you want mATX and a similar aestehtic), a Corsair 350D (if you want mATX and SLI/XFire) or something like a Fracal Design Arc Midi (if you just want a high end but reasonable compact PC).
  3. Rammy, Thank you for the answer. That helps a lot. I do like the Aerocool DS in orange and I may wait until I can find one of those for sale. Thanks again.
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