Need Help Picking a 1080P Monitor

I see ALOT of monitors, but I need help picking one to play games/watch films. Much appreciated for any help!

Price Range ~$130
Preferrably 22" or larger with great image quality and decent response rate.
Much obliged
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  1. It's open box, but you get a good sized screen with a 2ms (great) response rate. It has VGA, DVI, and HDMI, meaning it's compatible with pretty much any video card. It is 1920x1080 which is a good sized resolution.
  2. Hey, thanks for the suggestion but prior to this I'd read some pretty bad reviews about ghosting and the colour saturations really letting some people down... again thanks for the suggestion. What about the Dell U2312HM? I know its an IPS but its 8ms response time isn't too bad. Newegg says it's sold out but I'm buying in the UK so I'm using Scan instead. any other suggestions welcome
  3. That's pretty expensive, especially with an 8ms response time. Color saturations are easy to fix with some changes in the settings, if not through the monitor, through nvidia's or amd's software. You can just sort by highest rated or lowest priced with filters set and find one, read some reviews, etc.
  4. `If you want good color, pretty much every "IPS" panel can deliver that to you. I currently use an IPS monitor as my main display for gaming, and have a TN monitor for my secondary just for my music and apps. IPS delivers much more accurate rich colors and better viewing angles. Every TN panel I experience has washed out color and poor viewing angles making me always have to adjust my head to make sure I'm at the right angle.
    ` A good affordable IPS monitor solution would be this one.
    I like this one because it has a very good response time for IPS making it great for gaming, has HDMI, 23.8" screen size, 5ms response time, and great reviews. If you are looking for something more specific I will try my best, but hope this is what your are looking for. :)
  5. Thanks a lot for the answers guys, I was willing to go over-budget with the dell 'cause I'd heard glowing reports but like you said its expensive and I could get more or less the same from a newer and cheaper panel :) I was actually considering an LG 24EA53 based on me reading somewhere that Dice used this monitor to showcase bf4.

    I was also considering the VS229HR which as far as I can tell is practically identical to the one mentioned above but slightly cheaper as it is a 22"

    Completely stuck on the finer details of monitor comparison.. I hope it really doesn't come down to which monitor has a better stand and height adjustment etc...
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    Odd that EA used LG to demo BF4, but its seems like an exceptional monitor and like the 1st link you posted and you will be very happy with that one. :)
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