Best IPS Monitor for Gaming?

Okay, I just need a great all around IPS Monitor for gaming. I was gong to go for the Eizo
FS2333-BK but I would like to know what else I have to consider. What you guys got for me? :D My budget is $0......;D to $500.
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  1. I'm not sure if you got a video card that can handle a 1440p monitor, but if you do. then it is a good choice. Or you can get a 23" 1080p with just about the same pixel density (PPI), just won't be as big as 27" obviously, but easier to run on a mid range gpu for sure without compromising texture detail, lighting, and etc.. Yamakasi makes my favorite IPS 1440p display. I'm actually using one right now to type this message and there are 0 dead pixels and exceptional color accuracy.

    A good 1080p IPS monitor for a budget gpu would be this Asus and has a snappy response time of only 5ms which is rare to find on IPS panels.
    Hope this helps :)
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