Google Chrome Help!?!?! o.o

Hi there!
I'm having a huge issue with Google Chrome. Each time I try to open Google Chrome an error message pops up saying

"Your profile could not be opened correctly. Some features may be unavailable. Please check that profile exists and you have permission to read and write its contents."

It's really annoying. It got rid of all my Extensions, all the Google Chrome options (like the show home button, and bookmarks) It would be great if someone could help me with this terrible problem. I would really appreciate it!

Here is the picture of the Error message that I keep receiving.

Thank you!

P.S. - I did try these methods to help resolve this problem. None of them worked. :(

Windows 7
-Quit Google Chrome.
-Open Computer.
-Navigate to C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User ------Data\Default\
-Delete the file named “Web Data”
-Start Google Chrome and the error should be gone.


1) Click on the tool icon on the top right corner of your chrome browser
2) On the drop down menu, click the signed in as .......
3) Under users section, click the delete this user button and takes him off away..
4) Restart Google chrome and add the user and Chrome will be in a good shape..

Uninstall and Install
-I completely uninstalled Google Chrome and reinstalled it. I thought that would work. But the same shit continued to happen. HELP!?!?!
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    Creating a new profile with most of the data from old profile
    This method is very similar to the previous methods where instead of removing "Web Data", it tries to create a new profile with most of the useful data from old profile copied in to it. The steps are :

    a) Rename the Default folder at ~/.config/google-chrome/Default or ~/.config/chromium/Default to say backup. For Windows, the folder is at C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\
    b) create a new folder with name "Default"
    c) copy the files/folders given below from original Default folder (currently named as backup) to the new Default folder one by one . After each step, try opening Chrome to see if the error comes. If an error comes, then the latest object you copied caused the issue.

    Preferences file
    Bookmarks file
    Extensions folder (contains all your extension’s source code)
    Local Storage folder : copy only files beginning with "chrome-extension_" (other files are most likely not needed )
    History* (all your history )

    Again note that you will get a profile that is very close to the previous profile but it will not have the old stored passwords or the custom search engines you had.
  2. Thank you so much! For some reason it started to work normally o.o But thank you! If it happens again i'll keep this thread saved!
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