Asus Laptop Hard Drive going bad.... Need help finding HDD

ok figured i would post this since my other thread is about a wireless card and this has turned into another problem.

I took in the laptop this morning to Geek Squad at best buy i had to pay $70.00 for a diagnostics.... that wasn't fun.

Well 7 hours later when they told me it would take 2-3 they informed me that most of the components in the laptop are great but that my hard drive is failing... so because of this they couldn't tell if it's because my hard drive that my Wireless card and HDMI port arent working. I would have to replace my hard drive to figure this out.

The Computer is working I dont understand why they think the hard drive is failing... Anyways I am thinking about buying a new hard drive off of Newegg but i wanted to ask a question. This is the link to my Laptops Specs

Hard Disk of 750GB
HDD RPM - 5400rpm
HDD Interface - SATA

The interface (SATA) is confusing me, could I get any laptop hard drive i am thinking of a 1TB and a faster RPM of course, please lend me your knowledge I am not sure if I need a SATA? compatible HDD or what the case may be. SSD's are a bit to pricey for me sadly. I see that on Newegg on the left hand side there are two boxes I could check off in interface SATA 3.0 gb/s and a 6.0. Please help me to understand this,

do I need to select a SATA one?
3.0 or 6.0?
what's the difference between a regular HDD and one that is SATA?

Thanks for your continued support everyone.

I wish everyone a Happy New Years in case I dont get to write it later :)
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  1. You either have an IDE HD if your laptop is fairly old, 6 or 7+ years. IF it is newer than that your HD is SATA. Sata I, then II, 3.0 are slightly older. This changed to Sata III, 6.0 a few years ago. Sata III 6.0 drives are backwards compatible, so getting the newest drive makes the most sense. The newer drives are a bit faster, but going up to 7200 RPM will make a bigger difference. If you take your current drive out, it will say on it if it is Sata or IDE, but the pins are very different, so it is easy to tell. Check out the picture

    This one really caught my attention... Still looking at a few more this is a SSHD.
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    I've never had my local Geek squad accurate diagnose anything correctly. I've evenhad a few customers who said Geek squad said their laptop had major corrosion damage and they needed a new one but when I open it up right in front of them it looks brand new and not a hint of corrosion anywhere. (yes I fixed them all)

    If your drives smart is clean and the drive passes diagnostic testing then its probably fine.

    In all cases you should have backup copies of your important data, if not then make them!

    As for your wireless issues, if you have a intel wireless nic one of the windows updates had a conflict with the touchpad driver which turned the nic off and would not allow me to turn it back on; as if the nic died. I would recommend making a full backup and then trying a factory restore. If it now works you know its a software issue.
  4. I don't really care what's on the laptop right now it doesn't have much I need. The things on there I could re-download if need be or put it on a flash drive... but if they did tell me that the hard drive is failing I think I should believe it, could it be wrong yea! lol I really don't want to pay for a new HDD or SSHD or SSD whatever but if it'll fix my laptop I think it's work the money and if I decided to resell it it can add some value knowing obviously everything works and a updated HDD or as I plan SSHD.

    Do you guys know much of the SSHD? I am looking at that Seagate model I linked above haven't had too much time to look into others. I was really hoping to get like a 1TB for around 100 bucks but not over, it's only I think 20 bucks over so im still searching.
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