need help choosing radiators and configuration

I've been researching water cooling for a long time now and I'm ready to do it, I just need some advice. I feel like I've researched it so much my head is spinning and I don't know what to do. I've looked at push/pull, push only, quad rads, 360 rads, tons of rads, one rad...etc. My brain is burned out and I just want to throw my system at you all and see what you would do.

Here's what I'm asking for. Take a look at the system I have built and just tell me what you would do. I will be overclocking the crap out of it for benchmarks, but not for normal use. Money isn't and issue, so price per dollar performance is not a factor. I'm not made of money, but I've saved enough for this. I need to know how you'd cool this. Btw, I'll be water cooling everything. Not out of necessity, I just want to.


Corsair 900D case (all hdd cages removed)
Rampage IV Black
4960X (on an h100i right now)
16 GB dominator platinum
gtx 780 classifed X2 sli
I have 12 corsair sp120 fans (I'm not going to replace these. Ill add to them, but these are set)

At first I thought "well obviously I need two 480 rads in push pull, duh", but now I can't help but think I'm being stupid. Should I go with one 480 push/pull? Two 480's in pull or push? A 360 and a 240? Dudes...I'm more lost than when I started. Thanks for any opinions and advice.
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    Dual 480mm rads for that rig seems about right for a CPU and dual GPU's, doesn't particularly matter if they are in push/pull unless they are quite thick rads.
    Throw a D5 variant, reservoir, CPU and GPU waterblocks of your choice at it, some fittings and your done. Have the GPU's in parallel to each other.
  2. I just placed an order for my first custom loop for a 900d, too. Though my rig is less awesome. ;)
    And I start small but I too have read a lot about watercooling and the possibilities in the 900d.

    So, I have been told - just as monfchalk said - that you need push/pull only for rads thicker than 45mm (or for looks of course ^^).
    I personally will just start with cooling the CPU and maybe add the GPUs lateron if I am into it.

    But here is what I have planned:
    Step 1 (now): 480, 45mm thick rad in the top with SP120s. Laing DDC-1T pump, res and CPU block.
    Step 2 (lateron): Expand the loop to be able to handle two GPUs (and show off a little lol). Put the old 45mm rad in the bottom and add another 240, 30mm rad down there. Get a 60mm or 80mm rad for the top but mostly for looks actually. Though those really thick rads have some major headroom left when you spin the fans at high RPMs which is nice imo.
    Step 3 (after I sold a kidney): Get two other GPUs and include them in the loop.

    Bare in mind that there seem to be no waterblocks available for the Dominators (I´ve got them, too). You would to strip them down from their heatsinks and then use universal RAM waterblocks or the ones for Corsair Dominator (non-Platinum).
  3. Thanks for the input. Much appreciated. I think I'm going with 60mm low fpi rads. I don't know of any 45mm or thinner with low fpi. Won't be cooling the ram, it looks awesome as is. I feel better about the direction I'm going now.
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