Any parts worth saving to build a gaming comp

Hello new to the site im looking to build a decent gaming comp. Smooth fast machine with least amount of frame drops possible. not worried about 4k just yet. I have a desktop I used for music recording. Any parts worth using case, card, board etc? any build propects or just scrap? I also have a late 2011 mac book pro with the i5 setup should I boot camp it and beed it up? believe its 4gb 500gb hd. Looking to start out with DAYZ. Thanks for any help.
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    nothing except maybe your hdd for a second drive and your dvd rom.this is assuming they are both in good shape. even the case being an hp is not going to work for you.
  2. Thanks for that answer what I figd. About the mac book pro its a late 2011 2.4ghz intel i5 4gb ddr3, intel hd 3000 graphics card, 500gb hd. Can I boot camp Linux and do some higher quality gaming until I can build a 1000 dollar set up( all cpu have 51" sony)
  3. ya got me on that one.never done it but it would be interesting to
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