Msi Gtx 660 TI OC stability question Please reply!!

Hey everyone. I tried overclocking my msi gtx 660 ti PE OC today. Without messing around with any of the voltages or core clock. I went for the Memory clock. I went +600 mhz on the mem clock. I am not sure if its stable or not. I ran FURMARK Burn in test at 1920x1080 and 8 msaa for 30 minutes. No crash no particles. I played Arkham Origins and AC4 Black Flag at max settings with no crash I did see performance improvement. Does this mean my gpu is stable?
BUTTTT, when I play BF4, it loads perfectly first time after each Windows boot up, but if I back out from one game. I cannot join another. Crashes at Load. But if I reboot. it works like a charm.
But the thing about BF4 is that it even crashes when I OC the card only +100 mhz.:??:
I am really confused. Is my card stable (at +600 mhz default voltage) or not?
P.S. Temperature was at max 63. hovering around 62-63 during the 30 min test. however, while playing Origins it went up to 69 at max. SO I am guessing thats good right?
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  1. The oc on your mem clock needs to come need to test something other than furmark. Unigine valley is a good benchmark tool and is also good for testing overclocks. Run the whole maxed benchark with a much lower oc

    You can't just crank clocks like that and expect it to work. Furmark is a horrible overclock testing tool. BF4 is also a terrible game for accepting overclocks right now

    600mhz is way to hight of an oc for that card's memory
  2. always see what you can get at max on the core clock before you even start touching the memory clock, and once you hit the max on the core clock, then start upping the memory clock in increments of 20 at a time untill you get a crash, then reboot the pc, and run the benchmark at 20mhz lower than what it crashed at. Overclocking recklessly is terrible for your card and you can easily wreck it if you arent careful
  3. Ungine heaven is way a better way to check if your OC is going well

    Start with core and find the cap, just then start with memory.
  4. Oh Well! I was playing BF4 for like an hour and temp never went over 66 and today it hasnt crashed on me. I ll post what happens when I benchmark with the unengine. Thanks for replying and stay with me.
  5. Temps really don't matter for telling if you have a good oc or not unless they are getting into the caution zones (above 80). I'll just come out and say that you have poorly overclocked your card and are at risk of damaging your card.

    Just trying to warn you man, and really hope you don't end up wrecking your card
  6. Yeah I understand, and i really appreciate your concern. I haven't touched the voltages and temps are not hot! I thought I could push my card as high as possible as long as I dont get high temps and dont crash. But I guess thats not true? Sorry I am a bit nooby :/
  7. No need to be sorry, but my amount of concern should at least tell you how wrong your overclocking methodology is lol XD
  8. Yeah thanks, I knew it couldnt be this easy lol. Well I ran the unengine benchmark with everything cranked up high and the mem clock at 600+ and it didnt crash? I dont get it? How would I know what is my max stable and safe?
  9. Typically you would run a bunch of games, and if you EVER get a crash in any games, you would dial the overclock back i bit. (furmark and valley will work for a tester though). Basically go until you get a crash in either furmark or valley, then dial it back by 5mhz at a time until it no longer crashes. This is your max oc, but not neccesarily stable. Drop it by another 10-15mhz and you can be more confident of the stability

    BF4 specifically is a very bad game at the moment for crashing regardless of what overclock you run.
  10. Okay. At +600 mhz, it didnt crash. Soo?? And you said it was too high. So I am lost and scared :/
  11. Very rarely does 600+ mhz on memory work on any card. (usually 500 is max for good memory) so consider yourself lucky. But you will get better performance by getting the highest core clock you can first, and then start working on the memory OC

    Basically im telling you to reset everything and start overclocking a different way.

    Start gradually testing and increasing the core clock until it crashes in a furmark 30 minute, then at that point scale back the core clock until you get that to work stable. From there you can then start increasing the memoryclock until it crashes at your max, then scale it back until you get stable again.

    Coreclock first, then mem clock for max performance
  12. Yeah with higher core clock, I crash on even +20 so I stopped. I worked on my memory clock so I can get "closer" to 670. Do you think its safe to run my card at +600 mhz if temps remain sub 75* C and it has passed the stable tests, like unengine and furmark? Is there any other factor that can damage my card if overclocked?
  13. You will get more performance by overclocking the core as high as you can first. Typically if you don't touch the voltages, the worst you will get is a crash.

    overclocking the core first will get you more overall performance
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