Help choosing a new Graphics card to be compatible with my Motherboard

So i have a MSI P7N SLI PLATINUM Motherboard -- Graphics card is not showing up anymore and have no idea how to fix it. Planning on getting a new graphics card. Here are a few links.

Budget is $100-$170 ish.

Needs to be able to be compatible with my current motherboard, Also need it to be able to play games like World Of Warcraft and FPS Games.
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  1. Brantyn Gerik said:

    you think that will be able to play World of warcraft and games like Americas Army Proving Grounds?

    Also, is it or will it be compatible with my motherboard/rest of the pc?
  2. It is compatable, will max world of warcraft at 1080p. If you can afford better, do so, go for a 660, or 7850. But i am recommending the best card for what you want to do vs. the price you are willing to spend
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