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Hey, I'm currently building a computer with the Asus Maximus VI Impact. There is only one 10-1 pin usb 2.0 header on the board. I'm goning to be using the corsair H80i which requires one of the 2 usb connections in the header. My case also has only one USB 2.0 front port so that would take up the other usb connection. The problem is that both things I need to plug in are 10-1 pin plugs. do you think something like this would fix my delima? I will only be plugging in two usb devices into the header so i'm hoping this will work, but want to make sure. If it wont work I guess I'll just be stuck with a dead front port :(
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  1. anyone?
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    I use a similar splitter on my USB 3.0 header and it works just fine.
  3. cool thanks
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